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Scott Brogan (the author) claims copyright to this compilation, all original artwork, backgrounds, graphics, layout, text and other original works on this web site. Use of any of these original works without written permission of the author is expressly forbidden. (Contact me here: The Judy Room Webmaster). Permission is hereby granted for linking to this web site, so long as it is not done in a manner that implies or suggests that this web site, or parts therof, are part of another web site (i.e., linking to the Judy Room is fine, as long as the link properly identifies it as such). "Bandwidth stealing" (linking to images or other files on this web site) is strictly forbidden.

Contrary to the belief of many, the copyright law grants the copyright owner exclusive right to copy, distribute and create derivative works of his/her/its work in any medium. Period. Whether or not the author is seeking profit, or whether or not the copyright infringer is seeking profit, is irrelevant. In other words, even if you don't intend to make money by copying this web site (or portions thereof), it is still a copyright infringement to do so.

Copyright of other material used on this web site

Information pertaining to Judy Garland, contained within this web site, is a matter of public record, and the author of this web site claims no copyright to said information. Anyone is free to use said information, subject to stipulations below. Every reasonable attempt has been made by the author to ensure accuracy of said information, but the author disclaims any and all liabilities for damages arising from the use or misuse of said information.

To the best of my knowledge, this web site is in compliance with U.S. Copyright Law. I have made every reasonable effort to trace copyright information on each and every photo used here.

Music: The MP3 files contained in this site have been a part of the public domain for decades. Each performance is easily obtained through bootleg CDs, and CDs made for purchase via eBay and other auction sites. The Judy Room presents these MP3 files for free, and neither I nor anyone else receives any monetary compensation or payment. They are presented here soley for fans of Judy Garland to enjoy, and not for the intent to gain any kind of income.

Except where otherwise noted, all photos (and other scanned or transcribed material) used on this web site is from the author's personal collection, and was scanned or transcribed by the author. Having sought copyright information from the various dealers from whom I purchased these photos, I was informed that copyright has lapsed or was never claimed. Most (if not all) of these photos were (and are) publicity photos, issued free of charge by MGM (and other companies) to newspapers and magazines for the purpose of publicizing Judy Garland and her films.

Many of the photos used herein were scanned from old magazines from the 1930s and 1940s. The copyright (if any) on these photos is assumed to have lapsed. Most of the companies which published these magazines have been out of business for decades. In some cases, the rights to the material may have passed on to another owner, but I know of no such cases.

Videotape covers, CD covers, book covers, and things of that nature, are copyrighted by their various publishers and owners and are used here without permission, only as an aid to product identification.

I have used a few icons and graphics obtained from graphics web sites on the Internet. Most of these are believed to be in the public domain. Some graphics and icons (in particular from linked web sites) are copyrighted, and where this is the case, the copyright is so noted.

Anyone claiming copyright ownership to any material on this web site and objecting to its use on this web site may notify The Judy Room Webmaster, and I will take corrective action or remove the material.


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